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17th December 2020

My bother and sister in law said they are delicious. They've tried one of each and said they're not too sweet which they prefer. Thank you for doing this last minute. 

Elise (60th Birthday Cupcakes)

30th November 2020

Just wanted to say the brownies were delicious and my whole family loved them. And the card and giant bow was nice thing to do. Many thanks

Jeevan Patter (Brownies)

25th August 2019  ( Birthday Cake)

Thanks so much for my son's fantastic cake. To be able to offer a vegan and nut free choice was much appreciated as was the sparklers and candles. Thanks again. Beverley x

3rd August 2019  (Unicorn Birthday Cupcakes)

Thank you so much our favourite cupcake maker. Stacey Hopkins

20th July 2019  (3 Tier Wedding Cake)

Thank you so much, we were overwhelmed with how beautiful it looked and tasted, best vegan cakes EVERY :-) Stacey Hopkins

3rd August 2018

Can't recommend heavenly bakery enough. I messaged them on the Monday or the week I needed them thinking it was too late, but it wasn't thank goodness. These cupcakes were for my little ones 2nd birthday on the Friday. I not had a lot of professional made vegan cakes but I've had a fair few and these were 100% the best. The cakes was so fluffy and the icing was so delicious. Even my non vegan friends were absolutely amazed at how good they were. Shame they eat all the cupcakes with pink icing before I got to try one 😕🙃. My little one doesn't get much cake ever, so she was over the moon to see her cupcakes and she absolutely loved them. I am in Southampton and they delivered to me from Southsea. The customer service and communication was 100% as well. Keeping me informed the whole was through. I have absolutely found my cake maker now. Can't thank you enough 😘😘  Stacey Crossan  Shirley Southampton

21st July 2018

I ordered some cupcakes for my boyfriend's birthday. I ordered them quite late on but they got back to me really quickly about the order and the service was amazing from ordering to delivery. The cakes were gorgeous! The cake itself wasn't dry and the frosting was lovely. No one else at the party that were non-vegans noticed. All they said was how nice the cakes were. Thanks so much and I can't wait to try more flavours. Selina Southsea

27th April 2018

The cakes from this Baker are absolutely gorgeous. I am gluten free, but thoroughly enjoy the vegan cakes. Simply Suzy

First feedback on Friday 30th November:

bought one of your pb cupcakes today from NYCC, (Peter Andre's coffee shop) it was really nice, especially the frosting :) thanks :) Stephi Sarah Sky

Second Feedback On Sunday 2nd December Left on the Vegan Forum: So even though I couldn't really afford it, I went to NYCC (by the clock tower, Peter Andre's second café) to try their Vegan cupcakes yesterday, can confirm that they are really good, I had

a peanut butter one, in fact I replied to a post that Heavenly Vegan Cupcakes (who make them) put on Facebook on Friday and suggested they make pb ones, and voila there they were!! I am not a massive fan of cakes in general, but these are really nice and go very well with a cup of tea which is what I had. Would like to try the other flavour, I think it was double chocolate. The café itself is really nice, sometimes I get a bit anxious in places I don't know that well, but I felt very relaxed in there by myself. Could have sat there for a lot longer had I had more cake and tea!! Stephi Sarah Sky

These are the BEST cupcakes in the world! Love the peanut butter and the chocolate bounty flavours - just scrummy!! ( I am not even a vegan, So very surprised how they tasted like. Highly Recommended for everyone. x)

Mary Shakespeare East Grinstead East Sussex

Cupcakes are lovely full of flavour great texture irresistible

Ann Lawrence Crawley West Sussex

WOW, WOW and WOW!!

Thank you sooooooo much.

My peanut butter cupcakes arrived in the post this morning in immaculate condition and they tasted great.

Keep my details safe as I will be back.

Chris, Southampton

I have not tasted such yummy vegan cupcake's before. The topping was softer than the normal icing you tend to get on cupcakes, and the vanilla base was fluffy too. Will order some more again soon. Thanks x

Mary, Brighton

WOW what a lovely cupcakes we had from this company. We ordered some for our birthday and they were made fresh on the same day. got delivered to us in the afternoon and we ate them all by 5pm. Very tasty vegan cupcakes!!

Pat, East Grinstead

I used to buy normal shops cupcakes as I love cakes. I noticed someone selling them on Facebook. So I thought I will give it a go and see what they are like now that I know better I will never buy normal ones from a shop ever again. There awful icing is hard and crusty, with no flavour and the base is way to dry, never heading there again .. To be honest this is first time I've had vegan cake but it's actually better than normal cakes!! I was pleasantly surprised the icing on these cupcakes has flavour!! It's one you eat and savour not scrape to side! diet goes to pot because you just HAVE to reach out for another one

Jaz Deluca Crawley West Sussex

Received the cupcakes this morning. Thank you very much. They're in perfect condition, haven't been disturbed at all during transit. Or rather, four of them are still in perfect condition. I've eaten the other two and they were very tasty! :-)

Paul Handley Sheffield

Hi Vas, Thank you so much for donating such amazing cup cakes. I did manage to get them ALL to the centre without my family tucking into them 1st!! I have to say they looked and smelt delicious driving 50+ miles with them was just too much to resist and I did take you up on the offer of trying 1 and I wasn't disappointed...They were delicious and so light and moist i went for a peanut one and it was truly heavenly! unfortunately when i went back to buy a different one and take some photos they had all gone!!! Thanks again Heavenly vegan cup cakes for donating them x

Zoe Green (Happy Endings Animal Rescue Centre)

I can differently recommend these cupcakes. They are delicious!!! yum yum ;-) Nikki Lambert "East Sussex Charity Event With East Sussex Wild Life Rescue & Ambulance Service"

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